Message from Principal

Millat College, Parsa is a constituent unit of S. K. M. University, Dumka. Located at Parsa in the district of Godda in Jharkhand, Millat College serves the rural populace of the adjoining areas. The College was established in 1968 with a view to educate and uplift minority, backward classes and scheduled casts dominated population. In 1985, Millat College, Parsa was made a constituent unit of Bhagalpur University. After the establishment of S.K.M. University in 1992, the college under its administrative control. The aim of the college has always been to impart quality education to the marginalized population, thereby empowering them. Highly experienced and dedicated faculty members of the college look after the overall improvement of the students. At present more then 3,000 students are enrolled in the college for courses up t the undergraduate level in the Arts stream. Special attention is given to their academic and extra-curricular needs.

Inculcating a sense of equality among all, with a special focus on gender equality, is one of the thrust areas of the college.

We are trying to start the courses for Science and Commerce stream to meet the needs of students.

It is my firal belief that the college will continue to move forward in its endeavor and develop as an institution of excellence in the day to come.

With warm regards,

Dr. Tushar Kant
Millat College, Parsa
Godda, Jharkhand

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