Millat College situated at Parsa region of Godda district of Jharkhand was established in the year 1968. The college got its first affiliation in 1972. It became an affiliate college in 1978 and continued till Bhagalpur University took over the college in the year 1988. After the establishment of Sido Kanhu Murmu University at Dumka in year 1992, Millat College, Parsa has become administered as a constituent unit of Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka which falls under the jurisdiction of state of Jharkhand. Since its inception, the college is serving the need of higher education in this underprivileged region of the state.

Our Vision & Mission

The College was established with the mission to provide higher education and uplift minorities, backward caste and scheduled caste dominated population of the region. The region of Parsa of Godda district have majority of rural universe. Therefore, access of higher education is arduous for most of the learners. Millat College, Parsa endeavers to spread the rays of knowledge among each and very underprivileged students of the society.

Millat College, Parsa is a constituent unit of Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka. Moral values, social responsibility, ethical sprit are also necessary along with academic curriculum to build a responsible citizen of the nation. The college encourages its learners to participate in various activities other than teaching and learning.

Highly experienced and dedicated faculty members of the college look after the overall improvement of the students. Special attention is given to their academic and extra-curricular needs. Our goal is to commence academic programmes of other faculties which are not available right now.

Message from the Principal

Dr. Tushar Kant, Principal

  Millat College serves the rural populace of the adjoining areas of Parsa of the district of Godda in Jharkhand. Since its establishment the aim of the college has always been to impart quality education to the marginalized population, thereby empowering them.  

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